GS11 Regional Steering Committee

Dr Anne Pépin

PepinDirector, Mission for the Place of Women at Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), France

Dr. Anne Pépin heads the Mission for the Place of Women at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (Mission pour la place des femmes au CNRS) since 2012. This strategic unit is in charge of designing, coordinating the implementation of, and assessing all actions aimed at fostering gender equality within the organization. Anne also co-leads the Gender Challenge Programme (Défi Genre) launched by the CNRS Mission for Interdisciplinarity in 2012 to develop a gender perspective in scientific fields outside social science and humanities, including in health research. She is a CNRS senior researcher, specialized in nanotechnology, and holds a BSc in physics from the Université de Montréal, Canada; an Engineering Degree from the École supérieure d’électricité, France; and a PhD in electronics from the Université Paris 6, France. She also represents CNRS within the Working Group on Gender and Diversity at Science Europe.